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I live on the internet.

But when I’m not here, I can occasionally be found herding cats nerds, hosting board game nights, hitting on museum curators, and writing in my pajamas at Crave. If you are a nerd who would like a herd, consider joining one of mine:

Los Angeles redditors

Everyone thought I was Mindy Kaling

Myself, as Kalinda from The Good Wife.

I head up the LA reddit Meetup group (and moderate r/losangeles & our Facebook page). We play a lot of board games, have nerd mixers and trivia nights with the Dumbledore’s Army & Westside Geeks & Nerds!

SoCal Sherlockians

The deerstalker is not mine. Sadly.

Yes, that is an authentic deerstalker.

I rock out regularly with the delightful tumblr crazies of the Sherlock fandom. We just started a Meetup group, but you can find us on Facebook, too.

Are you not entertained?

Do you need more?

You want to know what I think? Who I know? What I had for lunch? Well, you’re in luck: feast your eyes upon my well-documented existence.

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